Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Project Workshop/Timeline - 5 April 2016

Happy Workshop AP English III -

Over the next two weeks we will be finishing our work on Invisible Man which will entail your mural, a final timed writing, and the assessing of your blogs, motif charts, and annotations.  Here is our assessment timeline.

Thursday, 7 April - Finish reading Invisible Man.  Finalize blogs.  Receive prompt for final essay.

Monday 11 April - Final Essay - In Class.  Assess annotations for the book.

Wednesday 13 April - Final Group Workshop

Friday 15 April - Construct murals and present to the class.  Assess blogs, motif charts.

Here are the reminders for your mural - these are taken from the assignment sheet.

Directions:  Your group will create a “mural” relating to the motifs that you have studied throughout the course of reading the novel. Plan your mural and complete it accordingly by making plans and assigning tasks today.  You should come prepared with any materials you need to complete your task.  Your group may work as much as you want outside of class, but the mural must be completed in class.  Your group will then present it to the class. 

Be sure to consider the following in your plans:

A)    Your mural should be designed to clearly portray your motifs to an audience who we will assume a bit about your subject or the novel.  Be sure to include prominently the name of the novel and the author.  Your group’s topic should be clearly emphasized and defined.  The purpose of your mural should be immediately recognizable to the viewer.

B)    The clarity of you mural’s text is most important.  You will use a minimum of fifteen direct quotations from the novel with citation in addition to any explanatory commentary you add.  This text must be visually emphasized, not hidden among the illustrations. 

C)    Your illustrations may be hand drawn, or you may use cuttings from other sources such as magazines.  You may not use drawings or photographs that already depict scenes from Invisible Man.  Remember that your illustrations are important in helping the view grasp quickly the subject of your mural.  Avoid confusing your view with clutter.  Also remember, your illustrations should primarily enhance your textual references.  A balanced use of text and illustration is the goal.

D)    Your mural will be graded on the overall effect it has in quickly and effectively pulling your viewer into your subject.  Textual references are very important here.  Strive to use those that will be of the greatest interest and informational value to your viewer.

E)     You must use the paper provided in class.  Your project must conform to that format.  You may use a variety of materials if you want, but all that you do must fit in the area of the paper you’re given.  (Markers, glue, scissors, and some construction paper will be provided.)

Purpose:  The goal of your mural is to explain the purpose of your two motifs throughout Ellison’s text.  The mural should focus on communicating one clear purpose of the two motifs combined.  It is meant to be a culmination of your blog.

You should now as a group determine a question that your mural will answer as well as a thesis statement which reflects your group's argument that will be presented through the mural.  As you do this, you should consider the type of thesis/argument that you wrote with Ms. Ginocchio for your papers on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  You are analyzing and presenting your interpretation.  

This should question and your thesis should be posted on your blog today or no later than the the beginning of class on Thursday.

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